Episode 3

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28th Jan 2021

How We Are Making 100 The New 30 - Episode 3 (The Covid-19 Vaccines)

In the third installment of "How We Are Making 100 The New 30," Dr. Jeffrey Gladden dives into the most pressing medical topic of today: the Covid-19 vaccines. Given an overwhelming amount of misinformation leading to opinions, some right and some wrong, Dr. Gladden sheds some light on this complex process.

In addition to describing how the vaccine physically fights the virus within our bodies, Dr. Gladden explores the different types of Covid-19 vaccines that are on the market and who should be seeking them out most of all.

Tune in and allow Dr. Gladden to provide some peace of mind and clear understanding when it comes to the various Covid-19 vaccines on the market.


00:10 - Dr. Gladden's rebranding and the future of 'Gladden Longevity'

01:10 - Overview on the different vaccines and the their development process

02:40 - How the vaccines utilize DNA and RNA in their development process

04:10 - The Covid-19 vaccines take a different approach to combating a virus

05:00 - What types of Covid-19 vaccines are available and their testing process

07:00 - When you get the vaccine, you're not immediately protected

09:50 - There are new mutations that the vaccine may not protect you from

11:30 - Dr. Gladden's personal choice on whether he will or will not get the vaccine

12:30 - They encourage people to get the vaccine and contribute to herd immunity

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How We Are Making 100 The New 30
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"How We Are Making 100 The New 30" brings board-certified interventional cardiologist and founder of Apex Health, Human Performance & Longevity Optimization, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, directly to your doorstep to help you optimize your health and overall longevity.

During his mid-fifties, things took a turn for the worse for Dr. Gladden, personally and professionally. Despite eating what he thought was a healthy diet and exercising regularly, he became very fatigued, to the point that he could hardly get out of bed. Stress and anxiety led to bouts of depression. He was getting burned out on traditional medicine, as it became more and more scripted, focused on compliance, and less about exploring creative and resourceful means of caring for patients. Much of his time and energy was spent fighting insurance companies for coverage for his patients instead of engaging with them for care. Politics between hospitals and competing doctors become cutthroat. At the time, Dr. Gladden had also worked in a catheterization lab for a long time and felt he had “received more than enough radiation for one lifetime.”

Though practicing interventional cardiology had been his calling and livelihood for the last quarter century, Dr. Gladden knew he needed a change for the sake of his own health and that of his family. He threw himself into learning everything he could about functional medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement and age management medicine. This led to diagnosing his own subclinical hypothyroidism. He also did a deep dive into which foods worked best for his body based on genetic, neutragenomic, food sensitivity, gut biome and gut integrity data, becoming more selective in the quality and sources of his food. By eating properly and replacing hormone levels, he began to feel more youthful again.

Now it's time to share his knowledge and experience with you! Sit back, relax, as Dr. Gladden helps you look inward at your own health and shares enlightening conversations surrounding human longevity.